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What you can expect from Spock 2?, Confitura, Warszawa

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Date and place

Confitura 2022, June 25th 2016, Warszawa, Poland


Spring 2021 - long awaited - Spock 2.0 has been finally released. Heavily rewritten to leverage JUnit Platform (a crucial part of JUnit 5) is ready for even better testing in your projects.

However, what about the support for Groovy 3 and Java 14+? Is Spock compatible with a brand new Groovy 4 and Java 17+? Could the parametrized tests be even better? How problematic will it be to migrate existing tests from Spock 1.3 (especially those using JUnit 4’s rules)? What other new features and breaking changes are expected in 2.x?

During this talk, I will summarize over 2 years of development, explaining if/how it impacts the status quo (Spock 2 vs JUnit Jupiter 5) presented by me a few years earlier.


The slides can be viewed here (in English).


The recording of my talk (in Polish).

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Marcin ZajÄ…czkowski
Marcin ZajÄ…czkowski
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An experienced architect aiming for high quality solutions. Very engaged in evangelising Software Craftsmanship, Clean Code and Test-Driven Development as a conference speaker and a trainer. A specialist in Continuous Delivery and Continuous Inspection of Code Quality. An enthusiast of Reactive Systems and broadly defined concurrency.

Besides, open source author and contributor, a proud Linux user.

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