Areas of expertise

I am Marcin Zajączkowski, an experienced - still programming - architect who specializes in creating high quality software. Being under the impression of the Agile methodologies and the Software Craftsmanship movement, I believe in the value of good, testable and maintainable code. I aim to forge good software that makes the client delighted and the team proud of how the code itself looks.

In my teaching, as a conference speaker, college lecturer, IT coach and trainer, I show how to guide software development effectively using tests (with TDD, pair programming, Clean Code, design patterns, etc.) and maintaining a quality-oriented development environment (with Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery and Continuous Inspection of Code Quality).

I am also an enthusiast of Reactive Systems and broadly defined concurrency.

Besides, I created a few FOSS projects and contributed to dozen of others. I am also a proud Linux user.

You can contact me by email: .

For sensitive communication feel free to use my OpenGPG key 0x48A84C5100F47FB6 (fingerprint 06FA 6793 8DD1 7603 B007 5522 48A8 4C51 00F4 7FB6). Available locally or from this server .


I conduct training sessions related to my areas of expertise, mainly automatic code testing and Continuous Delivery. See a separate page for more details.

Public speeches

In addition to regular work with real-life projects and occasional closed commercial trainings about code quality I get heavily involved into conferences, workshops, hackathons and JUG meetings. I’m passionate about “good code”, automatic tests, TDD, and using nice tools for my own work. I share this knowledge with others so everyone can benefit. Each talk is a challenge which motivates me to learn even more. Here is the list of those events.