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Interesting nooks and crannies of Spock you (may) have never seen before, Gr8Conf, Copenhagen, Denmark

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Date and place

Gr8Conf 2016, June 1st - 3rd 2016, Copenhagen, Denmark


I bet that Spock needs not to be introduced to anyone here [at Gr8Conf - the Groovy conference]. For many of us it was an entry point to the thrilling world of Groovy. Spock has a flat learning curve - a sensible Java programmer (without prior Groovy experience) can start writing Spock specifications within several minutes. However, by the Groovy & Spock magic combine the new fascinating meta-world is created. The exploration of its every nook and cranny can take much longer (and it’s definitely much more efficient with a guide ;-) ).

There will be no basics during my presentation. Just a collection of more advanced (and/or less known) techniques and mechanisms, the use of which can even more simplify and facilitate testing of our code. You have to be forewarned that we will also visit those dark areas where it is better not to enter. Something does not work at all or works in a way nobody expects.


The slides can be viewed here .


The recording of my talk.

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