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Where are all the old posts?

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Find out where to find all the old posts I wrote in the previous years.

Over the previous (almost) 10 years I wrote dozens of blog posts. When I started to plan the switch to an another blog platform, I was initially considering its migration. Wordpress allows you to export your content (thanks!). There are also various tools for conversion to markdown. Nevertheless, some of the post are already quite popular (nicely positioned in the domain) and probably useful for people and I don’t want to break it.

There is a chance to mirror them one day using the canonical meta-tag, but for now please visit the my old blog site for that content:

Updated 2020-03-05. I migrated a few old posts to fill the empty space on the post list in the first weeks of the new blog :-).

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Marcin Zajączkowski
Marcin Zajączkowski
Software Craftsman & Solution Architect
An experienced architect aiming for high quality solutions. Very engaged in evangelising Software Craftsmanship, Clean Code and Test-Driven Development as a conference speaker and a trainer. A specialist in Continuous Delivery and Continuous Inspection of Code Quality. An enthusiast of Reactive Systems and broadly defined concurrency.

Besides, open source author and contributor, a proud Linux user.

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