Continuous Integration & Delivery

…managed in code with Jenkins (with Pipeline plugin and/or Job DSL)

Get know how to shorten TTM, increase reliability and manage your CI/CD infrastructure in code (with Jenkins and Pipeline).

Key points

  • Theory + hands-on exercises with code (and configuration)
  • Jenkins - the most popular CI server for enterprise Java projects
  • delivered by trainer with 10+ years of experience in real projects

Duration & location

Depending on selected scope and the team experience, the training can be conducted in 2-3 days.

On-site in the client’s office or remotely.


I usually conduct this training in Polish across Poland, however there is also a variant in English (just switch the tab below).

Ciągła integracja i dostarczanie w projektach IT (z Jenkins)

  1. Ciągła integracja - wprowadzenie
  2. Automatyzacja
  3. Serwer ciągłej integracji - wprowadzenie
  4. Jenkins - serwer CI
  5. Automatyczne testowanie kodu - kluczowy element CI
  6. Satelickie narzędzia i procesy
  7. Jenkins as code 1 - zarządzanie konfiguracją Jenkinsa w kodzie
  8. Jenkins as code 2 - zarzÄ…dzanie pipeline’ami (Pipeline i/lub Job DSL)
  9. Przydatne praktyki
  10. Continuous Delivery - wprowadzenie

Continuous Integration & Delivery in IT projects (with Jenkins)

  1. Continuous Integration - introduction
  2. Automation
  3. Continuous Integration server - introduction
  4. Jenkins - CI server
  5. Automatic code testing - key element of CI/CD
  6. CI/CD ecosystem of tools and processes
  7. Jenkins as code 1 - Jenkinsa configuration management
  8. Jenkins as code 2 - pipeline management (with Pipeline i/lub Job DSL)
  9. Best practices
  10. Continuous Delivery - introduction

Other topics

See the main training page with other available topics.