Automatic code testing for Java developers (Spock & JUnit 5)

Get know the techniques of effectively code testing in Java and learn where and how to use them during a number of practical exercises.

Key points

  • best techniques and patterns to create readable and maintainable automatic tests
  • number of hands-on exercises to prepare for usage in real life projects
  • work with modern testing tools - Spock Framework or JUnit 5
  • focused on unit testing, but also with integration testing (Spring Framework)
  • delivered by trainer with 10+ years of experience in real projects

Duration & location

Depending on selected scope and the team experience, the training can be conducted in 3-5 days.

On-site in the client’s office or remotely.


I usually conduct this training in Polish across Poland, however there is also a variant in English (just switch the tab below).

Efektywne testowanie kodu dla programist贸w Java (Spock聽lub聽JUnit聽5)

  1. Jednostkowe testowanie kodu
  2. Spock Framework - pisanie test贸w szybciej, zwi臋藕lej i czytelniej (alternatywnie JUnit 5)
  3. Test-Driven Development (TDD)
  4. Bezpieczny refaktoring
  5. Separacja od obiekt贸w wsp贸艂pracuj膮cych
  6. Testowanie integracyjne aplikacji opartej o Spring Framework
  7. Testowanie aplikacji REST z Spring MVC
  8. Testowanie z baz膮 danych
  9. Wybrane tematy z testowania akceptacyjnego
  10. Zaawansowane zagadnienia

Program mo偶e by膰 opcjonalnie rozszerzony o poni偶sze bloki:
  • Czysty Kod (ang. Clean Code)
  • Praca z kodem legacy

Effective code testing techniques for Java developers (Spock or JUnit 5)

  1. Unit testing
  2. Spock Framework - writing tests faster, more compact and with higher readability (alternatively JUnit 5)
  3. Test-Driven Development (TDD)
  4. Safe refactoring
  5. Mocking
  6. Integration testing with Spring Framework
  7. Testing REST application with Spring MVC
  8. Database testing
  9. Selected elements of acceptance testing
  10. Advanced topics

The program can be optionally extended with the following blocks:
  • Clean Code
  • Working with legacy code

Other topics

See the main training page with other available topics.


Very useful knowledge which would be hard to grasp in so short time without training.

Olek B. (Code testing for Java developers)

Three days filled up with practical exercises. Condensed knowledge ready to use in real life projects.

Anonymous trainee (Code training for Java developers)

I have never attended any better training. Highly recommended :)

Kamil P. (TDD for Java developers)